Breast cancer cure? Scientists may have found a way to support

Breast cancer kills over 40,000 women a year, with over 250,000 cases discovered each year. Thai scientists from AC Plus Global using balancing immunity (immunology research) may have found a way to treat it.

In Thailand, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women.

There are many symptoms that can be followed to have early detection of breast cancer, including, lump on the breast, pain around the armpits or breast, rashes around the nipple, swelling, size of breast changes and more. Even though symptoms are very clear, it is always good to check with your doctor periodically to ensure no cancer has developed.

The causes of breast cancer has many factors, but can be traced down to, aging, genetics, experiencing certain types of breast lumps, dense breast tissue and more.

The most common procedure for treating breast cancer are surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. However, BIM100 scientists from AC Plus Global may have discovered an alternative way to treat it. They believe that balancing immunity plays a big role in maintaining good health.

The 35 yrs of research & development about balancing immunity supplements has been based upon published studies about Th17 cells by Dr. Chen Dong, MD Anderson Cancer Research Center (Oct. 2009) and Dr. Carl June, the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania (Oct. 2010), to prevent the propagation of and kill cancer cells. BIM100 product TH Plus has been scientifically proven to increase Th1, Th9 and Th17 levels. The key findings from Biomedical Technology Research Centre say that 4 TH Plus Capsules a day for 15 days increase Th17 cells by 500% which increases the body’s ability to fight cancer. It is also reasonable to expect that 4 capsules per day, which have proven to increase Th17 cells, may be used preventatively for people who are more susceptible in developing cancer.

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